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maruchi endocem, endoseal
Maruchi’s Research on MTA without Tooth Discoloration Published on a SCI-level International Academic Journal   [13-12-05]
The research “Several MTAs’ Effect on Tooth Discoloration” conducted in 2012 by the Kim Eui Sung professor team at Preservation Division at the Severance Hospital of the Yonsei University Health System is to be published on the most authoritative internat
Partial Pulpotomy using Maruchi Product recognized a New Health Technology by the Ministry of Health   [13-11-12]
On October 10th, the Committee for New Health Technology Assessment passed the final deliberation regarding Clinical safety and effectiveness of partial pulpotomy using Endocem MTA and Endocem ZR by Gangwon-do Wonju-based venture company Maruchi (CEO Jang
Maruchi Releases Root Canal Filler ‘Endoseal’…Endodontic Treatment Evolved One Level Higher   [13-10-23]
Dental material specialized company Maruchi Co., Ltd. revealed that it is “releasing MTA-type sealer Endoseal which enhanced the problems of existing root canal sealers such as resin, zinc oxide-eugenol, and calcium hydroxide.”
Maruchi, acquired Venture Company Certificate with patented product, Endocem   [13-10-23]
Maruchi Co., Ltd. announced to have acquired Venture Company Certificate (No. 20120106106) from KIBO last June 28th.