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ENDOSEAL MTA is a paste-type root canal sealer based on pozzolan cement that has excellent physical and biological properties of MTA. It is premixed and pre-loaded in a syringe that allows direct application of the sealer into the root canal without requiring powder/liquid mixing, unlike other products. The product has outstanding flowability and maneuverability, which makes it possible to completely fill the root canal system including accessory and lateral canals. It is eugenol-free and will not impede adhesion inside the root canal.
3g Syringe 1EA/1package
Simple premixed injectable paste type Tooth color
Fast setting time High radiopacity
Adequate flowabilityEasy retrieval
Excellent film thicknessAntibacterial effect
Dimensional stabilityBiocompatibility
Outstanding sealing propertyPromoting hard-tissue formation
PropertiesENDOSEAL MTABC sealerMTA FillapexAH plus
Setting time12.31 min2.7 h2.5 h11.5 h
Flow (mm)2123.129.0421.2
Film thickness (μm)152223.9216.07
Solubility (%)
Radioopacity (mm Al)10.58.912.5
Calcium silicates, Calcium aluminates, Calcium aluminoferrite, Calcium sulfates, Radiopacifier, Thickening agent
ENDOSEAL MTA is developed for root canal filling and root perforation repair, effectively preventing periapical tissue irritation as well as secondary infection.
Permanent obturation of the root canal system
Root perforation repair
Pulp revascularization
State-of-the-art MTA root canal sealer that offers :
- Simple and fast canal filling
- Strong antibacterial effects
- Promotion of hard tissue formation
- No postoperative pain after overfilling.
- Complete apical sealing.
- Change a needle tip right before use.
- Use the product at least once a week to prevent gelation.
Root canal filling with Ultrasonic condensation