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ENDOSEAL is a new concept MTA for canal filling of which setting time and flowability were enhanced and optimized for routine directional canal filling, while retaining the beneficial properties of ENDOCEM MTA and ENDOCEM Zr.
Due to its unique crystalized structure and physical property, it shows an outstanding effect not only in restoring root perforation but also in apex or canal filling of primary molars that exhibit severe inflammation.
Mixing ratio(P/L) = 300mg/0.14cc
Properties of ENDOSEAL
Improved flowability leads to ease in filling canals or adjusting for varying lengths
Excellent biocompatibility and sealing property
Excellent antimicrobial effec
Improved esthetics with tooth color formula
Easy removal with Ni-Ti file when retreatment is necessary
Enhanced flowability makes for better restoration of complicated perforations
Boosts re-vascularization of immature roots
Aids healing without hindering eruption of secondary dentition when pulp therapy is performed in primary teeth that are severely inflamed or compromised in any way
Root canal filling with Ultrasonic compaction
ENDOSEAL is a pure MTA product with no resin added.
It has the best sealing capability on apices, with excellent flowability and radiopacity, making it ideal for use in filling canals.
Ultrasonic compaction method dramatically reduces lateral and vertical forces applied to the root during filling.
After routine canal enlargement, ENDOSEAL and master cone are filled, and canal filling is completed with ultrasonic compaction.
(Please note that only the master cone is used, not accessory cones.)
Easy removal for Retreatment
ENDOSEAL may be removed with Ni-Ti file easily when retreatment is necessary
Retreat case at 1 year post-operative. ENDOSEAL is easily removed with Ni-Ti file.
Case Report :
Repair of deep strip-perforation
This patient came in with chronic clinical symptoms due to deep strip perforation of C-shaped canal in mandible.
Adequate canal enlargement and irrigation were performed, and ENDOSEAL filling was completed.
Clinical symptoms subsided from time of ENDOSEAL placement.
Case Report :
Root canal filling of deciduous teeth esp. root resorption with furcation involvement #1
The patient came in with history of previous pulpotomy, severe swelling, and root resorption.
After routine endodontic treatment, ENDOSEAL filling was placed, with normal eruption of permanent tooth and healing.
Case Report :
Root canal filling of deciduous teeth esp. root resorption with furcation involvement #2
In this case, furcation involvement and resorption of root apex are seen at baseline. The patient presented with severe gingival swelling. After routine root canal enlargement, ENDOSEAL filling was placed.
In 1 year post-operative view, the treated tooth is shown to have been well maintained until time of extraction.