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[News] Partial Pulpotomy using Maruchi Product recognized a New Health Technology by the Ministry of Health   [DATE : 13-11-12 17:45]  [VIEW : 3,860]
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Partial Pulpotomy using Maruchi Product Recognized a New Health Technology by the Ministry of Health
- Health Insurance Benefit Expected

Korea Newswire, November 8, 2013

On October 10th, the Committee for New Health Technology Assessment passed the final deliberation regarding Clinical safety and effectiveness of partial pulpotomy using Endocem MTA and Endocem ZR by Gangwon-do Wonju-based venture company Maruchi (CEO Jang Sung-Wook, www.endocem.com), a root canal filling material manufacturer. And the technology was designated as a new health technology in the Ministry of Health and Welfare announcement. This is the first dental technology certified as a new health technology since the adoption of New Health Technology Assessment System in 2007.

Until now, when patients felt uncomfortable due to a cavity or sharp pain when chewing and went to the dentist, they received a root canal treatment with anesthesia. However, root canal treatment takes a long time and the process of treatment includes a lot of enamel ablations taking time and money. In addition, it is realistically impossible to completely remove and disinfect the nerve inside the complicated root canal. Therefore patients often experience reinfection and end up pulling the tooth out for a dental implant.

New nerve treatment method (partial pulpotomy) is unlike the root canal treatment that kills the nerve and its clinical safety and effectiveness was officially recognized at the 8thmeeting of the Committee for New Health Technology Assessment in 2013.

Therefore, it is expected to be included in the health insurance benefits starting next year after the final screening of the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service.

Committee for New Health Technology Assessment said, “It did not develop procedure-related complications nor require additional treatment. Compared to existing procedures (pulpotomy, direct pulp capping), it is less invasive and safe as it maintains healthy pulp.”“The prognosis was favorable, therefore its clinical effectiveness was proven. Compared to existing procedures, it showed similar rate of success, thus it is considered valid,” explained the committee.

Until now, pulpotomy in dentistry was a treatment method with scientific possibility, however was avoided in reality due to lack of appropriate material.

In particular, it had a negative reputation among well experienced dentists since even if they use expensive imported material for the procedure, during the four or more hours of hardening, the slightest amount of saliva slips in and causes infection.

Also, imported medicines had various problems. For example, when applied on children’s front tooth broken due to an accident, the medicines discolored the teeth. However Endocem, recognized as the new health technology in Korea, is known to have overcome this issue.

Maruchi applied for a patent that shortened the hardening time to 5 minutes to solve the problems of imported medicines. The company built a factory in Wonju Medical Industry Techno Valley and started supplying products since 2011.

CEO Jang Sung-Wook who founded Maruchi in 2008 is a dentist who manages a dental office in Jeongneung in Seoul. He is the very person who made the new nerve treatment (partial pulpotomy) that was only theoretically possible a universal technique, easy, simple, and safe, using Maruchi’s leading-edge Endocem.

CEO Jang said, “As of now, the range of procedure is limited to within 3 mm of pulp exposure. With additional research, we will prove that the technique can be used stably for greater pulp exposure.”

Endocem has acquired KGMP, FDA, CE, and ISO13485 certification and started to export to major advanced countries including the United States and England since 2012.

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