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[News] Maruchi Releases Root Canal Filler ‘Endoseal’…Endodontic Treatment Evolved One Level Higher   [DATE : 13-10-23 15:52]  [VIEW : 4,190]
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Maruchi Releases Root Canal Filler ‘Endoseal’…Endodontic Treatment Evolved One Level Higher
- Resolved the shortfalls of existing products such as ZOE, resin, and maximized filling and removal convenience
- Hardens event at the complex and wet end of dental root, and treats the finest part of the teeth and apicectomy

Korea Newswire, November 8, 2012

Dental material specialized company Maruchi Co., Ltd. (CEO Sung-Wook Jang, www.endocem. com) revealed that it is “releasing MTA-type sealer Endoseal which enhanced the problems of existing root canal sealers such as resin, zinc oxide-eugenol, and calcium hydroxide.”

Mainly used for dental root canal treatment, sealer is a material placed inside root canal to guarantee the sealing at the final stage of root canal treatment in case of a severe decay, determining the success of root canal treatment. Existing sealers, however, had been pointed out for the problems such as low sealing effect, cytotoxicity, and difficulty with re-treatment in case something goes wrong.

According to an associate of Maruchi, “this Endoseal developed at this time maximized the formation of crystal structure to increase the sealing effect and maintain the sealing over a longer period while being easy to remove when necessary, thus resolving the troubles of the practitioners.

The existing sealer products using constituents other than MTA do not harden under wet environment, and must be heated at the end of dental root with a high heat (200°), but dental roots are often severely curved which makes it difficult for heating apparatus to access, and the high heat has the risk of applying heat damage to periodontal tendons or nearby bone tissues, and it is also weak against infections.

Endoseal has the characteristics of hardening even at the complex and moist dental root, and is suitable for removing infections or inflammations, being efficient for apicectomy and other treatment for detailed dental parts.

Also, the existing filling method must secure a large area to seal the dental root, but Endoseal can seal the root apex with minimal root canal expansion, thus saving the time and pain of the patient.

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