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[News] Maruchi, acquired Venture Company Certificate with patented product, Endocem   [DATE : 13-10-23 15:50]  [VIEW : 2,690]
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Maruchi, acquired Venture Company Certificate with patented product, Endocem

Korea Newswire, August 29, 2012

Dental equipment manufacturer Maruchi Co., Ltd. (CEO Sung-Wook Jang, www.endocem.com) announced to have acquired Venture Company Certificate (No. 20120106106) from KIBO last June 28th.

Venture Company Certificate system is to select small and medium enterprises with excellent technology or innovation which satisfy venture certification criteria in accordance with Act on Special Measure for the Promotion of Venture Company, and it provides various benefits in tax reduction and financing.

Maruchi announced that “we could acquire Venture Company Certificate with our dental care product Endocem released in last August by being acknowledged of its technical excellence”.

Endocem compensates the defect of MTA(Mineral Trioxide Aggregate); it blocks germs upon exposure of nerve during cavity treatment caused by dental caries; thanks to outstanding bio-affinity, Endocem hardly stimulates dental pulp and can replace tooth partially.

The existing MTA was hard to make detailed application due to poor operability with its low viscosity, and it takes a lot of time for hardening. In addition, it is expensive due to protection of patent.

However, Endocem is suitable for detailed treatments with its easy operating thanks to high viscosity by 3’15’ ’of the hardening time after compensating the weakness of physical and chemical aspects via the patented manufacturing engineering method. Along with it, Maruchi Co. Ltd. is globally exporting to 20 countries even the launching period is only for 1 year thanks to its outstanding product quality.

Besides, Maruchi keeps trying to develop dental-treatment product that is capable of easier, safer and quicker operating and has received a positive evaluation by KIBO after they built the clean room in the main office of Wonju, which allows them to consistently manage the all product process.

The CEO of Maruchi, Sung-Wook Jang said, “ I am expecting to stepping further as a reliable medium-sized venture company via this acquiring the Venture Company Certificate and shall continue to developing the dental medical device to meet the customers’ needs.”

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