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[News] Maruchi’s Research on MTA without Tooth Discoloration Published on a SCI-level International Academic Journal   [DATE : 13-12-05 00:29]  [VIEW : 5,723]
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Maruchi’s Research on MTA without Tooth Discoloration Published on a SCI-level International Academic Journal

Korea Newswire, November 13, 2013

According to the dental science circle, the research “Several MTAs’ Effect on Tooth Discoloration” conducted in 2012 by the Kim Eui Sung professor team at Preservation Division at the Severance Hospital of the Yonsei University Health System is to be published on the most authoritative international academic journal, Journal of Endodontics (JOE). JOE is the only SCI-level international journal on endodontics.

Until now, mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) was used to maintain pulp vitality and regenerate dentin when the fore tooth is broken or a tooth nerve is exposed due to serious cavity.

MTA was first introduced as a good material that will substitute amalgam, a filling material, used after an endodontic surgery. MTA had shown sealing ability incomparable to other materials. Also, when it was in contact with tissue, it did not cause harm - rather, it induced osteogenesis and tissue regeneration.

However, the imported products that were advertised to have a color similar to the actual color of tooth changed their color after a while. Such discoloration led to a serious aesthetical issue when used on the fore tooth. Patients had to revisit the dentist to solve the issue with whitening treatments.

Studies that focused on identifying the causes of this problem and searching for solutions have been receiving consistent attention in the field. In Korea, a study was conducted, which compares existing products to Maruchi (CEO Jang Sung-Wook)’s Endocem, a material produced with newly patented manufacturing method.

The study result proved that Endocem is the only MTA that does not cause discoloration, and the study concluded that it can be used for parts that are aesthetically important.

This comparative research was a part of efforts of the Small and Medium Business Administration made to prove the excellence of domestic medical device. The study was supported by Korea Medical Devices Industrial Cooperative Association (President Jae Hwa Lee)’s 2012 Medical Device Comparative Clinical Study and Performance Assessment Aid Project.

A paper on Maruchi’s Endocem had been published on the same journal last April as its excellence was proven with a comparative research on hardening time, calcification, tertiary dentin formation, washout resistance, and biocompatiblilty. In addition, on October 10th, the Committee for New Health Technology Assessment passed the final deliberation regarding clinical safety and effectiveness of partial pulpotomy using EndocemMTA and EndocemZR. And the technology was designated as a new health technology in the Ministry of Health and Welfare announcement.

Thus, Maruchi’s Endocem became the new nerve treatment method that does not kill the nerve but rather does the opposite. It is expected to change the paradigm of nerve treatment. Also, the publication of the paper on JOE will serve as an opportunity for the dental society of Korea to enhance its position in the world.

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